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Talk to kt27 - Indian Astrology and Vedic Astrology in United Arab Emirates now. 10-15 years of experience in Vedic Astrology. Who I am , Why I am here, and What I do ,Who I am not I am not an unsuccessful person who accidently became a psychic, who just give a fake reading.I am a computer engineer by qualification and profession. I don’t claim that I am a 5th or 6th or nth generation psychic. I am psychic by birth realized my full potential at the age of 13th, when I started to predict things which have come to pass. I developed my inborn ability by reading family members, relatives and close friends life as my hobby, which amazed them and surprised me as well. Now I have taken reading a person as a profession to help and guide people and get their blessings within their budget and I don’t burn their pockets and emotions and make my life a hell. Many people who come to my room ask me how to find a real psychic. A real psychic is one who will at maximum ask your full name n date of birth and will tell you what happened with you in the past , whats happening with you in the present and what will happen in future by giving you time frames which are accurate based on Astrological aspects. A real psychic will not need every detail to assess your present situation, which many other psychics do just to make more money.A real psychic is one whose predictions come true on the given time frame. I am not the one who will attract people by boasting about the knowledge and stories in free chat. I understand and value your time and money how precious they are. I talk and type as per client request and comfort. Usually I prefer typing to talking as I m type fast. Client can get a record of the typed chat for future references. Audio and Video readings records are not given by Oranum. What other psychics claim and do: 1. They claim they are 3rd, 4th 5th generation psychics who have their gifts. 2. They take every detail from you and tell you the same in a different way which will make you feel they know everything. 3. They give you false hopes and just throw their personal life experiences on you instead of reading your life. What you can get from me: The level of accuracy of my predictions on any issue is unparalleled, unmatched and incomparable with any other psychic. Whatever reading I give I do for quality and not for quantity. I will give you crisp, clear and precise reading and will answer all your questions quickly and accurately. I am not the one who will tell you stories on a low rate and drain your money ,Instead i would prefer to give a quality short and accurate reading by which I can change the life of a person in a positive way. If any one want a very indepth reading they are always welcome for email reading, Before you take a email reading its always better to connect in private reading ( less than 5 mins ) and apply for a email reading and you will get all .You don’t have to exhaust all you credits if you find my rate is high. I generally recommend and prefer my clients for private live readings as I am fast n flexible on the price for my regular clients. What i have for my female clients? In my vast research after realizing my psychic abilities at the age of 13, I start to realize what woman in today’s world face in her day to day day life and what the root cause of their unhappiness is. Why women are not happy in relationships, marriage and office etc. If you are one those woman gives her best at work and who put her all her emotions for a particular task or a relation and if you are still facing problems then you are at the right person. My observations: Person whose principles are HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY and SIMPLICITY IS THE GREATEST POWER often misunderstood by the people around as if their policies are very weak to fight with the outside world. Why woman approach me? 1. Their male partner don’t express their feelings. 2. Don’t give time which leads to lack of understanding and lack of interest in relation. 3. Lack of satisfaction and faith and being cheated by their partners. 4. Harassment and humilation. COME TO ME and I will lead you to the right path where you be filled with happiness and be successful. I will tell you the reasons for things which are happening and the incidents which occur in your life and recommend you solutions, remedies to turn them in your favour. Why me? I am accurate and fast, will not waste your precious time and money. No sugar coating.No crazy drama, no funky music, no false hopes in my room. Readings based on Astrology, Numerology, Inutition, Mind and face reading. No guessing or shooting arrows in the dark just straight reasoning and solutions based on the facts.. It just takes less than 5 mins for specific questions and less than 15 mins for a full length reading. I do type and talk as per your comfort. TROLLS , TIMEPASSERS AND FLIRTS TRY YOUR LUCK SOMEWHERE ELSE. Who am i ? PSYCHIC EMPATH What is empathy? Empathy is defined as feeling,intellectual,or emotional identification with one another.The term psychic empath is derived from empathy which is being used more frequently in psychic and paranormal activitesor field,and it refers to me who is so intense in sensing your emotions,pains and energies.And I sense as such as if they are my own emotions,pains and energies and as if its my own experience.I can explore deepest into your soul and find out your feelings that may have been stoped by expressing because of time and any reason which is unknown to you. BUT DONT WORRY your feelings are known to me and those reasons also.I m born with this psychic ablity and this ablity in me is genetic and also this ablity is acquired by people when they experience near to death situation and i have that experience. Who is a Psychic and what psychic do? The psychic is the person who predicts the future according to the situation. What abilities do I have? I have God gifted abilities to read any person and I also use my knowledge in astrology and numerology to reason out the causes of worry and delay in day to day matters and resolve matters pertaining to LOVE, RELATIONSHIP, MARRIAGE , SEX , DIVORCE, FRIENDSHIP, DATING, BUSINESS, FINANCE, PARTNERS , CAREER AND EDUCATION , TRAVEL , HEALTH , etc. I can tell you what others think and feels about you. I want people to get rid of from their depressions, anxieties, inhibitions and curiosities. I can tell you how you can win heart of other person who can be either your soul mate, friend or even your boss and superior at work. My sole interest lies in improving and in up lifting the future of my clients. I will alert you from your enemies and their snares so that you can save yourself from being prey from their wicked ,cunning and jealous plans they have against you in your professional and personal life. Human’s greatest mistake in any relationship is that they listen half, understand quarter think zero and react double. With the in-depth knowledge in astrology I study of how the positions of the stars and the movements of the planets will influence on events, lives and the behaviour of people. My answers are quick, accurate and to the point. Clients prefer me because I don’t waste their time and their money. Value for each penny spent. I invite all to come in my free chat room or in demo to have an initial interaction and to connect. In demo reading I would just need date of birth and full name to connect and give reading. In private reading, I will give you complete reading. I am also a face reader, dream interpreter and mind reader. I don’t sugar coat the readings. They are based on facts and figures. “To trust me is your own decision, proving that your choice in selecting me right is my goal” A word from KT I would like to share who we really are and why God made us. Anyone would think if God is almighty and powerful He could have created only good things then He could have created the world full of angels. The answer for this question is that We – Humans are a better creation of God. Angels don’t have a free will they are meant to follow the instructions from God. It’s us the human who have got the power of a free will and we can go either in favor of God or do things against Him. The end of life and the result is totally dependent on which path we choose. Inspite of getting this gift of free will still we are human in nature and we deliberately and knowingly choose the wrong path. Why are we not using our gift in a logical sense? Why the hell people don’t understand that the Acid and Water look the same but when we are thirsty will we drink acid? I would like to tell all of you to respect water for its constructive qualities. I know to some it will sound funny the way I expressed it but the truth is that only a human with a common sense will distinguish between water and acid.

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